Combinatory play: how to make kids more creative


Combinatory play can be best described by the examples of lego, just like lego blocks can be connected in different manor to make various different things, likewise, we amass a collection of cross-disciplinary building blocks — knowledge, memories, bits of information, sparks of inspiration, and other existing ideas — that we then combine and recombine, mostly unconsciously, into something “new.” From this vast and cross-disciplinary mental pool of resources beckons the infrastructure of what we call our “own”“original” ideas.

Creativity is just connecting things. When you ask creative people how they did something, they feel a little guilty because they didn’t really do it, they just saw something. It seemed obvious to them after a while.

For e.g. first image is that of simple rectangle and circle but when i combine the two i get a new perspective, a novel circle which is moving.

Practicing combinatory play from a small age will help the child further in life in being more creative and productive.
What do you think helped Albert Einstien, Steve Jobs and Maria Popova in being so inventive and creative?
Yes! its combinatory play. Combinatory play is the “act of opening up one mental channel by dabbling in another”. In other words, it is taking two unrelated things and putting them together to generate new ideas.
But the question here is what all activities can be done with little kids to later help them in life to me more productive and creative.
Combinatory play starts with helping your kid find a hobby or something which is their calling. It need not be anything difficult, but just something that should fun!!
Next Legos/blocks is a very prop for combinatory play. Since it induces the child to think about what all can he do.
Some other homemade combinatory play toys can be:
1. Mixing pieces of different jigsaw puzzles and asking kids to sort them out and complete the puzzles. In this activity kids will have to keep in mind what all the actual jigsaw puzzle looked like and have to sort through colors and patterns.
2. Ask your children to make a new story out of earlier ones he/she had read. This is very similar to creative writing and will make kids think about new ideas from older ones.
3. Similarly you can also get your kids to combine some old and new toys to make something completely new and random. For e.g. combining robot with fishing rod to make a fishing robot.
4. Joining dots and doodling are also examples of combinatory play.
5. Another activity can be make two list of things present in two different places and ask your kids to think of new things that can be made by combing things from the lists. For e.g. list of things in your purse and list of things in a room. now combine say sunglasses (from purse list) and windows (from room list) and combining them we get windows which won’t allow sunrays.
In this activity things need not be reality or possibilty, its just an activity to make kids imagination run wild.

Similarly, many other activities can be found. Some of theses activities may seem tough but minds of children are really fresh and they are more eager and keen in observation, so try these activities at home and you may be surprised.

In the end! just keep in mind to let those creative juices flowing and let the imagination run without care in the world, for, kids are the most creative beings and if given a good start then they can do wonders in their lives which is sometines impossible for us because we are so much governed by the stringent rules of what is possible and what it isn’t.
Happy playing!!


Jappa Bai from China


Hie guys!

Hope you all are doing well.

So today I wish to tell you all about my ‘Jappa Bai’.

In today’s modern Indian society hiring a jappa bai has become a new and upcoming trend specially with the nuclear families. For those who don’t know, a jappa bai is sort of a nurse maid that people use to hire to take good care of the baby as well as the new mother. Since the new mothers don’t have a lot of hands on knowledge regarding baby care also, in initial days the new mothers don’t have that level of energy, so then jappa bai’s can be like heaven sent. Their major duties include bathing and massaging the mother and baby, washing their clothes and taking their general care.

Mine is not a very big family but with my delivery my mother-in-law would have been left with all the work, so we decided about hiring a jappa maid very early on. Since due to the high demand it is very mandatory to book these all-knowing ladies very early in the pregnancy, we booked ours in seventh moth with half the amount as advance. Our jappa was one of the nicest combination (it matters a lot), as she was a Bengali from Siliguri.

So now the time has finally arrived to meet her since babyv has decided to race us with her presence. But unfortunately our jappa bai had some other priorities and things to be done like shopping in delhi and watching Padmavat, as a result she was two days late and was very indifferent about that fact since we booked her for 2 weeks later even though she was the first one to be informed (even before the near and dear ones) as soon as I was wheeled in the operation theater.

Then she had a very special set of rules regarding baby and mommy care like, she was adamant that baby should bath between 11.30 a.m and 12.30 p.m as before that any time would compromise with her breakfast and sleep and any time later would interfere with lunch and sleep.  Also we hired her because of so many horror stories we heard about baby not sleeping during night time, and even though she use to sleep beside my bed with babyV crying like she had speakers attached to her voice cords our Jappa could sleep through it all. Or her absolute solution was feed the baby otherwise she would just put the baby on her lap and doze off.

Her most favorite activity was to watch t.v in the living room and if the baby cried at that time, she would just keep on rocking the baby while continuing her daily soap opera watching spree. It was highly amusing and frustrating at the same time.

As for bathing and loi part, since my baby was low weight she was treated much more delicately than any fragile glass and both the activities done by her was not yielding any results.

We also made a funny mistake which we couldn’t help recounting. Our jappa was generally on phone most afternoons and evenings but what she use to do was give a miss call to anyone whom she wished to talk and then talk to them, when they called back. Well my dear husband, generous and kind hearted soul, that he is just got her phone recharged when requested by her with one of those unlimited call pack and guess what happened then…well we lost even the little bit of time that she use to grace us with her presence and poor husband had to bear mine and my mil’s wrath.

Since the payment was done in advance we were just lost what to do other than counting days till the time she was to leave us.

I know lot of mums won’t agree with me as they had genuinely nice and hardworking jappa maids and I have seen them that’s why this seemed a good idea to us. But I guess luck was not on our side and there are different types of people. I am just writing this to share my opinion and to make new  and would be mothers more aware that such things happen as well.


The Journey Begins

Hie i am a stay at home mother of a little girl, who loves reading and has been bitten by the writing bug. I’ll be sharing certain experiences and life lessons which shape my motherhood journey!!!

Hope you guys will find this trek interesting…

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton